Revitalizing Squadrons “…the Beating Heart Of The Air Force”

UNITE provides commanders with funding to execute programs that will benefit all members in their unit to include Active Duty, Reservists, and APF/NAF civilians. Family members may participate, but they must pay any applicable fees. To receive these funds, which cover food allowance and recreation funds, commanders or appointed POCs must submit a UNITE Event Proposal Form to Mr. Henry Frye. (Email: henry.frye.1@us.af.mil)

Why Unite

Because you want to…

  • Develop a new skill or competency
  • Improve physical fitness
  • Increase esprit de corps, comradery, or morale
  • Promote interaction between unit members foster
    fun or relaxation
  • Reinforce team values
  • Work on a team-building exercise

Host Your Event

01. Complete the POC Appointment Letter

Squadron Commanders will appoint squadron
UNITE POC(s). The POC is the only person who can
submit or make changes for event. Email completed
forms to henry.frye.1@us.af.mil

2. Event Request

Squadron leaders are given the discretion to create UDPs that capitalize on opportunities available not only on the installation, but in the local area as well.

3. Event Prep

Charitable work provides a cost effective team building activity that allows co-workers to see each other in a new light and to make a real difference in your community. Free events require no pre-approval unless UNITE funds are requested for food and/or refreshments.

4. Have Fun At Your Event!

5. Submit After Action Report and Photos

The installation C3 may not be able to attend your
UNITE events, so we are relying on you to provide
detailed after action information and 2-3 photos
within 48 hrs.

Funds for Unite

FY22 Allocations per person

  • NAF Dollars – $5/person food allowance. Meal must be used in conjuction with a UNITE event.
  • APF Dollars – $13.50/person participation cost. Equipment rentals, program supplies, decorations, entertainment, etc.
    Funds CAN NOT be used for holiday parties. (#1 asked question)

Henry Frye

Community Cohesion Coordinator (C3)
Work: 951.655.2435