Sally’s Alley

Located across the alley from the main club is the famous “Sally’s Alley”. No trip to March Field is completed without a trip to this nostalgic casual bar or attend one of Sally’s block party’s. The elite of the U.S. Air Force have signed the walls of Sally’s. This is a very unique facility, which is rich with heritage and nostalgia.

Experience Tradition

Historic Sally’s Alley, named for Sally Alley a bartender of the Hap Arnold Club who spearheaded the project to convert an old storage building into a pilot’s bar. Come in and experience the tradition that is uniquely Sally’s. Entering this historic facility you will see photos and memorabillia spanning the past 31 years from all over the world, once inside the walls and ceiling are adorned with signatures and messages from thousands of guests that have visited Sally’s over the years.

Jimmy Dolittle’s signature is on the door leading out to the patio. Sally’s will always be “the place to go” and let us mention Generals Kyle and McGregor held their pin-on ceremonies at Sally’s. Available to you if you are having a promotion, unit function, retirement or just want to gather with your wing man. We have our ‘Rent-a-Bar’ program in Sally’s as well. Sally’s making it happen.