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Welcome to the March ARB Ticket and Tours, where our Motto is “We work so you can Play”. Our mission is to offer exciting, cultural, mentally, and physical challenging Outdoor and Leisure Tours geared for our Military and Civilian families, while still offering a variety of Tickets at an affordable cost to most of your Southern California attractions.

American Forces Travel

We hope to spark your imagination, curiosity and adventure and along the way you may make new friends and lots of fond memories.

So stop by and check out our seasonal tours and ticket specials and get ready to let us take you on a journey filled with fun and excitement!

Ticket prices are subject to change without notice. We do our best to keep this price list up-to-date, however pricing could vary from actual time of purchase due to pricing changes from attractions. Calling Tickets & Tours to verify pricing is recommended.

Leisure Pass/Go Cards: Many Options Available

Leisure Pass Group provides the only multi-attraction passes to maximize the fun, savings and
convenience of sightseeing with flexible purchase options for every type of traveler. Checkout the
group pass that best suits your traveling needs below. Contact your March ITT office for current


Chicago, IL Explorer Pass

Chicago, IL Go Chicago All Inclusive


Boston, MA Go Boston – All Inclusive

Boston, MA Explorer Pass

New York

New York, NY Explorer Pass

New York, NY New York Pass


Orlando, FL Explorer Pass

Orlando, FL Go Card


Miami, FL Go Card

Miami, FL Explorer Pass

New Orleans

New Orleans, LA New Orleans Pass


Philadelphia Explorer Pass

Philadelphia All-Inclusive Pass



San Diego

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA Go Card

Los Angeles, CA Explorer Pass

San Francisco

San Francisco, CA Go Card

San Francisco, CA Explorer Pass

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV Explorer Pass

Las Vegas, NV Go Card

San Antonio

San Antonio, TX Explorer Pass

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is eligible to participate in American Forces Travel?

A. Currently, all active-duty military, retirees, Reserve and National Guard, retired military, OCONUS civilians and eligible family members are eligible to participate. The program directors are working to include CONUS civilians and veterans.

2. What travel products will be offered when American Forces Travel is operational? When is the anticipated start date?

A. Airline, hotel, rental car and cruise services will be part of the initial offerings. Other products will be added as the program grows and advances. The program held a soft launch on Nov. 1, 2018, and will go live on Jan. 22, 2019

3. How does the validation process work to determine patron eligibility?

A. Patron eligibility will be validated through the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS).

4. If there is a problem with validation, or an eligible patron is denied access, who does the patron contact?

A. The initial online registration process will provide specific instructions and contact information to eligible patrons who are incorrectly denied access.

5. Will there be one website for everybody to access or will each service have a unique website?

A. There is a single online MWR leisure travel portal for all patrons,

6. Will there be 24/7 travel agent support for customers during the booking process and continued support during the customer travel process in case problems arise with reservations during the trip?

A. Customer service agents will be available 24/7, both during and after the booking process.

7. Will American Forces Travel offer airline tickets that originate outside of the U.S. or those that are completely overseas?

A. Yes.

8. Will travel insurance be offered that covers military trip change contingencies?

A. Travel insurance is available for purchase with Allianz.

9. Is American Forces Travel going to be available in all countries.

A. Yes.

10. Does American Forces Travel offer a “best value guaranteed” feature?

A. PPN offers a “best value guaranteed” policy that is comparable to other industry providers.

11. Will American Forces Travel be available for booking official travel, as an alternate for Defense Travel Service (DTS)?

A. This program is not a substitute for, nor is in any way related to, the DTS.