March ARB Yellow Ribbon Program (YRP)

The Yellow Ribbon Program is a Department of Defense-wide effort to support National Guard and Reserve Service Members and their families with information on benefits and referrals before, during and after deployments.

The Yellow Ribbon Program Manager at March ARB can be reached at DSN 447-2571, Commercial 951-655-2571.

Deploying service members at March ARB assigned to the 452 AMW and 4AF can attend a Western Regional event hosted by Headquarters Air Force Reserve Command (HQ AFRC) Regional events are often held Friday-Saturday and family members are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to attend with their service member.

Who’s eligible? To qualify for the program, a Reservist must have received a call to active duty, in support of a deployment, for 90 days or more (during a 12-month period), or be returning from a tour of 90 days or more (during a 12-month period), CONUS/OCONUS that resulted in separation from their families for the duration of the tour. (If member retires after returning and is within 180 days of their return, they and their families may attend an event).


Who can I bring?

Married with children: Eligible “family members” authorized to attend are the spouse and DEER eligible children. Step-children if they live with the member for the majority of the year.

Married without children: Eligible “family member” authorized to attend are the spouse and one individual that meets the “family member” definition.

Single Parent: Eligible “family members” authorized up to attend are the DEER eligible children, and one individual that meet the “family member” definition.

Single Member: Eligible “family member” authorized up to two individuals that meet the “family member” definition.

Designated Individual: A service member may bring a “Designated Individual” that does not fall within the parameters of the “family” definition IF the “Designated Individual” provided deployment support to the member during the deployment cycle.

“FAMILY” for the purposes of this program is defined: “families” and “family members” include spouse, children, parents, grandparents, and siblings. The designated “family members” such as parents, grandparents, and siblings are not required to reside with the military member or be in DEERS against the military member.