Welcome to the March ARB FAMCAMP!
We offer full hookups with 30 and 50 amp service. Our support facility provides the following amenities:

  • Shower facilities
  • Large capacity laundry facility
  • An HDTV with DirecTV
  • Free WiFi

Call Outdoor Recreation at 951-655-3983 for availability and pricing information.

For your convenience and the convenience of other FAMCAMP guests, we ask that all visitors please follow the FAMCAMP rules listed below during their stay. Being considerate of the policies allows everyone to safely enjoy the use of the facilities.

The procedures and policies stated here are from current operating instructions and are subject to revision and/or deletion
without prior notice.

  1. All facilities/areas in the FAMCAMP are used by authorized patrons and their guests at their own risk. The 452 Force Support Squadron and Outdoor Recreation are not responsible for the theft, loss or damage to persons or property.
  2. Patrons must register prior to occupying camp space. One RV per space.
  3. Maximum stay is 14 days per registration. Check out is 1200 hours
  4. Customer may NOT re-register a full hook-up space if other patrons are waiting.
  5. Patrons must respect the peace and privacy of their neighbors. Turn down lights, radios, etc., at a reasonable hour so as not to disturb others. Quiet time hours are from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. Generators will not be operated during these hours.
  6. Patrons are not allowed to have any maintenance equipment, trash receptacles or storage containers in public view. Car carriers are allowed.
  7. For your convenience, showers, washers, dryers are located in building 610. Key’s issued at building 434. Please do not wash your animals or dishes at building 610.
  8. Trailer (RV), and combination of car, truck, or car carrier allowed only.
  9. Vehicle washing, maintenance and repairs, including oil changes, are prohibited on March ARB.
  10. No waste material of any kind will be dripped, flushed or poured on to the campsite grounds. Dump station is available for your convenience. Report all equipment or utilities malfunction to the Outdoor Recreation or in case of emergency call the CE work order desk at 655-4880.
  11. Camp users are also responsible for the safety and conduct of their guests. Sponsors will be held financially responsible for any unpaid fees and/or damages brought about by their guests.
  12. Fires are permitted only in charcoal grills or camp stoves and should not be left unattended. The cooking surfaces of barbecue grills must be cleaned upon leaving. DO NOT remove hot coals from grills.
  13. Customers are allowed 2 small pets per site. Pets must have complete and current immunization records. Pets must be on a leash at all times. For sanitary reasons, please pick up YOUR PETS waste, and deposit it into the dumpster.
  14. DO NOT feed any wild animals (cats and raccoon).
  15. Campers MUST NOT put down rugs or door mats in the lawn area, as it will kill the grass.
  16. Customers SHALL NOT inhibit lawn sprinkler systems in any manner.

Management reserves the right to evict without refund, any patrons who violate FAMCAMP rules. These rules have been established to promote the safety and enjoyment of all our campers.

Have a pleasant and enjoyable stay.