Aircraft & Rates

Cessna 172 T-41A $85.00 (wet) (2 seat)

Cessna 172 T-41A $90.00 (wet, instrument certified) (2 seat)

Cessna 172 T-41C $104.00 (wet, instrument certified) (4 seat)

The T-41 is the military version of the popular four passenger Cessna 172. This type of aircraft is a worldwide favorite for both flight instruction and recreational flying. It has a stable and forgiving nature by design and holds the best safety record of any general aviation aircraft in its class.

Beechcraft T-34A $145.00 (wet)

Beechcraft T-34B $150.00 (wet)

The Beech T-34 offer additional challenge for those who are ready to move up to a higher performance aircraft. Besides faster speeds, retractable landing gear, and greater maneuverability, flying the T-34 can offer pilots the opportunity to develop formation flying skill with instruction.

Cessna 182Q $112.00 (wet)

The Cessna 182Q was originally developed for the Civil Air Patrol. It seats four and has 235 horsepower. It is ideal for cross country, recreational flying and instrument flying. The Cessna 182Q is a comfortable and nice handling aircraft.


Flight Instruction Fee $35.00 per hour

Ground Instruction Fee $35.00 per hour

Initiation Fee $35.00

Monthly Dues $30.00

Simulator Rate $10 per hour

Prices subject to change without notice.