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Join the thousands of men and women who made their dream a reality!

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3 months Free Aero Club membership with your introductory flight!


  • Active Duty Military
  • DOD and NAF Civilians
  • Family Members
  • Civil Air Patrol Members
  • Retired Military
  • Guard & Reserve Members
  • Others by Installation Approval

Call the March Field Aero Club to sign up for your introductory flight.

We can teach you how to see the world from above!

What can we offer you?

The Aero Club offers T-41, (C172), T-34, and C182 aircraft and a staff of highly qualified instructors who can provide you with the ground school and flight instruction necessary for you to obtain your private pilot license, an instrument fight rating, and more! Once you are qualified you will be able to use the club’s aircraft to sharpen your flying skills and take cross country trips or for TDY use.

Did you know you can take flight lessons even if you are not military?


The March Field Aero Club, from Riverside, CA, is one of the oldest Aero Clubs in the United States Air Force whose membership consists of current or former military service members. Dragon Flight and the March Field Aero Club Flight Demonstration Team, performs at air shows, parades and memorials throughout the Southwestern United States in honor of those who have served our nation and those who continue to serve our nation as members of the United States Armed Forces.

Our demonstration team flies the Mentor T-34, a two-place, tandem seat, single-engine training aircraft built by Beechcraft Aircraft Corporation. Weighing 2900 lbs and capable of a maximum speed of 190 MPH, the T-34 was flown on active duty by the United States Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps until the 1970s. The T34 was designed to meet our nations’ requirement for a rugged, primary flight training aircraft and to prepare student pilots for the transition to heavier, faster, higher-performance jet aircraft.


Active, Reserve, and retired military, Air National Guard and families – Scholarship/Contract ROTC Cadets – US DoD and Coast Guard Civilians – Contact Employees under firms contracted to DoD & Civil Air Patrol. For other availability, call the Aero Club or see AF134-262.


The Flight Bag has information as to weather, flight planning, FAA, scheduling for aircraft, Civil Air Patrol applications, and pertinent information that a pilot will find useful in his/her daily planning for flight.


The March Aero Club has been in existence since 1954 and is one of the oldest and now the only Reserve Aero Club within the Air Force. The club stresses camaraderie and provides a family atmosphere for recreational flying, student pilot training, instrument training, and Commercial Pilot Certificates.

One advantage of belonging to a club is that everyone is a part of it. It is not a private club but an organization where everyone supports each other.
Private Pilot training provides the student with a thorough and complete understanding of theory and practical applications. Our students receive one-on-one training and not in a large classroom atmosphere. This training goes beyond the requirements of the FAA curriculum and provides a better understanding of the rules and techniques each pilot must attain.
Enthusiasm of the students and instructors gives a fun and rewarding experience.

Our instructors have thousands of hours experience both from the military and civilian fields.

Flight training costs are well inside the outside schools of $9500 and up.
The Aero Club stresses safety and has received yearly awards for the past 32 years for Safety which is awarded by the U.S. Air Force.

Weekend Fly-A-Ways

Weekend Fly-A-Ways provide great camaraderie for club members. Fly to destinations for breakfast or lunch and chat with your fellow members.